How to Write a Research Paper

If you are looking for very simple as well as effective techniques to build up a good research paper then you will be happy to know that you have reached the right place. In this article, we will be discussing important steps and strategies to implement before starting to write any research paper.

Definition of A Research Paper?

A research paper is an essay where you explain what you’ve discovered after thoroughly researching your topic. You incorporate data from a variety of sources, including books, journals, interviews, and websites. You also make use of your thoughts, information, and viewpoints. Research paper writing should be in your own words (at least 80%, as a rule of thumb).

Your paper should be focused on a key topic that you are interested in. Organize the paper around the points that you believe are the most important. If you wonder how to make or write a good research paper, you should avail the best custom research paper writing services.

Purpose Of Research Paper:

If you explore online, you will see steps in writing a research paper or questions like “Who can help me write my research papers for me?” But nobody wonders about the purpose of the research paper.

A research paper is more than just a well-informed description of a subject using primary and secondary sources. The purpose of a research paper is to draw on what others have said about a topic. And you can engage the sources in order to present a distinct viewpoint on the issue at hand.

Types Of Research Papers:
  • Analytical Research Paper

In an analytical research paper, you ask a question and then collect relevant data from other researchers to compare and contrast their diverse points of view.

  • Definition Paper

The definition paper discusses facts or objective arguments without expressing the author’s personal feelings or opinions.

  • Argumentative (Or Persuasive) Paper

In one document, an argumentative paper gives two sides to a contentious issue. Its goal is to persuade the reader to agree with your point of view.

  • Compare And Contrast Paper

Compare and contrast papers are used to compare and contrast two points of view, writers, subjects, or stories.

  • Cause And Effect Paper

Cause and effect papers are the most common research papers encountered by high school and college students.

  • Survey Research Paper

The conduct of a survey, which includes asking respondents questions, is required for this research work.

  • Experimental Research Paper

This type of research paper essentially details a specific experiment. It is widely used in domains like biology, chemistry, and physics.

How To Write A Research Paper Step By Step?

If you were looking for step by step research paper writing guide, you have come to the right place. Just follow along to know the steps for writing a research paper.

Understand The Research Paper

Before you begin writing a scientific research paper, make sure you understand what your professor is looking for. Many students miss this step, and they receive low grades. It’s mainly due to a failure to read the instructions. You misread the format requirements, resources you have to refer to, etc.

How To Select A Topic For A Research Paper?

Next on the research paper step by step guide comes picking up a good topic. The topic should be trending, must have ample scope for discussion and should be a bit controversial. This would spark the interest of the readers. Furthermore, you should be enthusiastic about the topic

Conduct Preliminary Research

Next, you have to conduct research and gather primary and secondary data. For this, you can refer to blog posts, peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, government publishing, etc. A good research paper writing tips would be to explore university libraries and Google Scholar.

Organize Research

The next steps or tips on writing a research paper in college would be to organize what you have found out. You can jot down the important points, make a list of the bibliographies. Or, you can create subheadings and arrange the information accordingly.

Write A Thesis Statement

The best way to write a good research paper is to first write a good thesis statement. The thesis statement should not exceed more than two lines. And make it precise and debatable. This would grab the attention of the professors. Your claim should be articulate and assertive.

Create Research Paper Outline

A research paper outline is a list of the main themes, arguments, and evidence you want to include. The paper should be segregated into parts with headings so you can get a general idea of how the paper will look. These are some vital tips to write are search paper.

Write A First Draft Of The Research Paper

It’s okay if your initial draft isn’t flawless; you can improve it later. In your first draft, you should Maintain the flow – write now, make changes later. Pay heed to the proper arrangement and logical grouping of paragraphs and sentences. Use few words to express your ideas so that you can remember what you were trying t6o convey when you return to them later. If you abide by the tips for writing a research paper, you won’t have to wonder, “Who can help me write a research paper online?”

Write The Introduction

If you wish to know how to start or begin writing a research paper, you should ask three questions why, what and how. Be explicit about the paper’s topic, provide background information, and describe significant terminology or concepts

Check what new information or perspectives do you have to offer. Writing an introduction for a research paper is complete when you include a “map.” You should succinctly outline the important aspects of the work in chronological sequence.

Write A Compelling Body Of Text

This is the most important section of the research paper. Here, you have to create multiple subheadings to cover the various angles of the topic. Make sure that the paragraphs are short and incorporate bullet points.

State the important facts and provide relevant evidence. To make sure that you do not digress, keep track of the thesis statement and topic sentences. Do not forget to use good diction, transition words, updated facts and figures.

Write The Conclusion

The easy way to write the research paper outline is to highlight the key points, state the rephrased thesis statement, and future scope of study. You must make sure that the conclusion provides closure to the paper.

The Second Draft

When you write the second draft, check how it lines up with the first draft. Check whether you need to validate further statements, or you need to rearrange the ideas. Most importantly, see to it whether the paper answers the thesis statement.

  • The Revision Process

You must revise the research paper thoroughly if you wish to submit a flawless document and secure good grades. There are various aspects of the revision process, which are highlighted below.

  • Evaluating

Check whether you have answered the thesis statement appropriately. Make sure that you have incorporated citations and documents for every statement.

  • Redrafting

After evaluation, if you feel that you need to make minor modifications, update a fact or change a sentence, do it. You might also need to alter a whole section if you come across new findings.

  • Editing

When you edit the paper, check for the sentence structure, the format of the paper, the bibliography list and the authenticity of the paper. Rectify the mistakes as you spot them.

  • Proofreading

When you proofread the paper, make sure that there are no grammatical, spelling, punctuation, calculation errors.

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